Custom cat trees

Spoil your furry friend with a custom cat tree that is tailor-made to their needs. Explore our collection of beautifully crafted cat trees and create a cozy and entertaining space for your cat to relax and play.
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True, there are cat trees that are made to look like real trees. But these are basically fake and trust us when we say that cats know that these are not real trees. So, why not give your feline companions these indoor pet treehouses that are actually made from real trees? Before domestication, early cats

Lisa J
Man Creates Indoor Fake Tree For A Cat, And The Master Approves Of It | Bored Panda House Design, Tree Shelf, Tree House, Cat Tree House, Tree Wall, Indoor Tree, Indoor Trees, Home Diy, Fake Trees

"Rob Rogalski’s whimsical art enraptures. His miniature movie sets, his puppets and his sculptures transport you to a fantasy world that feels breathtakingly real." Sounds amazing, doesn't it? Rob's work, while pleasing for humans, has also found some fans in the feline world too, with this incredible 'tree' installation that is just perfect for adventurous kitties.