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Enhance your crochet projects with these creative printables. Find patterns, templates, and guides to take your crochet skills to the next level.
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A set of three printable care tags to accompany your handmade gifts. Whether you sew, quilt, knit or crochet, these care tags will make a nice accessory to your handmade gifts, while sharing with the recipient how to care for their handmade gift!

Susan Bergman
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This is another one of my eclectic posts. I have a new Great Granddaughter on the way, and will be crocheting things that I am now pinning on Pinterest. This instruction list will be most helpful. With this post, the only thing I need to get up here is the afghan stitch, and I'm all set to renew my ability. I have been slacking since the kids started school, and I went back to work. I'm cutting back on the jobs I take, so have more play time. I'm looking forward to making some things for the…

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Do you gift or sell your crochet items? If you answered yes, then it is important to include some care instructions with your items. This will create a professional appearance and will give the recipient helpful information. I have created some basic care instructions that you can customize to fit your needs best. Why Should

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If you struggle with how to size crochet hats, I can help! I know how important making the right sized hat is, so in this blog post, I'm sharing my favorite tools and tips for making perfect crochet hat sizes, including a free printable sizing checker, a hat size chart by age, a formula for hat sizing, and more!

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