Crochet heart blanket

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with these beautiful crochet heart blanket patterns. Explore top ideas for making a heartfelt blanket that will bring comfort and charm to your home.
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Lovely Hearts Bamboo – Baby blanket Free Crochet Pattern

I really love clever crochet heart stitches. They are versatile, textured and look amazing. Make sure to check out these patterns!

Kristen Sukut
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Hearts and Stripes Baby Blankets – Free Crochet Patterns

Who is in the mood for free crochet patterns for baby blankets? Let's face it! What can be cuter than a baby wrapped in a colorful blanket?

Cathleen Spacil
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Afghaniac's Hearts All Around Afghan

April’s heart is irresistible; this is probably the third afghan I’ve used it in. The border within each square was cannibalized from another favorite square, Smooth Fox’s Heart of a Child Square....

Mari Isol