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Explore the meaning of cravings and learn effective strategies to manage them. Discover helpful tips and techniques to overcome cravings and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
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If you get food cravings for those "not so healthy" foods, it just may be a sign that your body is craving certain minerals and nutrients. Below is a great chart from that will help you with what to eat to beat those cravings. But if you just can't escape the craving, sometimes you may treat yourself and then be done with it. We are all human. Don't feel guilty if you need a treat once in a while. Just indulge, and move on. Don't let it ruin your whole day and…

Carol Almond
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We all know (especially if you listened to our sugar addiction podcast) that sugar (in all its’ sweet, sweet glory) has been proven to be as addictive as cocaine. But have you ever wondered WHY you have that brutal sweet tooth in the first place? Or WHY you can so easily polish off an entire bag of salt & vinegar chips every time you’re feeling stressed out? It’s no surprise that the link between our food cravings and our emotions is HUGE! And being a vegan trainer/nutrition coach (and…

Karina Moore