Discover interesting facts about coyotes, their behavior, habitat, and adaptability. Explore the world of these cunning creatures and gain a deeper understanding of their role in the ecosystem.
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Native Americans are the first people known to have named what we now call Coyotes. The Cherokees of this Coyote's region - the Smoky Mountains - called them ᏩᏯᎭ (pronounced wa-ya-ha). The Spanish later called them various names - such as "Spanish Foxes" or "Jackals" Coyotes, before settling on Coyote (which is seemingly derived from the Nahuatl name Coyōtl). Coyotes have long been considered particularly intelligent, an attribute I think this portrait reveals well.

Howling lesson, Hinckley, Minnesota, USA, wildlife preserve. by Debbie Dog Cat, Dogs, Foxes, Fox, Wolf Howling, Wolf, Wild Dogs, Coyote, Mammals

June 26, 2013, Explore #1 Thank you for all of your comments and favorites. I am truly honored. Some have asked where the photo was taken - it was taken in Hinckley, Minnesota, USA, in a wildlife preserve. This image is for sale on my website: in various sizes. Also this image is printed on navy blue sweatshirts. They are also on the website.

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