Cowboy cookie recipe

Indulge in the goodness of homemade cowboy cookies with this mouthwatering recipe. Bake a batch of these irresistible treats and enjoy the perfect blend of chocolate, oats, and pecans.
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Everything's bigger in Texas and these Cowboy cookies (sometimes called Texas Cow Chips) are no exception. They are crispy on the edges but chewy and moist in the middle, and have about a hundred mix-ins that all combine to create the Texas of all cookies.

Ashley Carter-Denman
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I’m a sucker for a good chocolate chip cookie. I’ve also become a bit of a cookie “snob” over the years and am extremely picky about what I like. They can’t be too crisp, too flat, too dense, or too sweet. I need the perfect balance. George W. Bush’s Cowboy Cookie is it. This week, I hosted a book club at my house (for my favorite book about this man) and had a whole line up of presidential foods. I had JFK’s fish chowder, Teddy Roosevelt’s clove cake, Barbara Bush’s mushroom quiche and her…

Susie Tart