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Experience the soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics of the best country music songs. Discover the top songs that will make you feel the true essence of country music.
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At this point, you’re probably quite familiar with the series America’s Got Talent. If you haven’t watched it, chances are you’ve at least heard of it. There are plenty of acts that gain just the right amount of exposure thanks to their time on the television show, allowing them to kick off their careers. It’s

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LeAnn Rimes delivers a raw performance during the Country Music Awards as she sings Reba McEntire's famous hit "The Greatest Man I Never Knew." The singer provoked powerful emotions from Reba and the crowd. LeAnn Rimes has been in the country singer spotlight since a very young age. She rose to fame at thirteen years

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George Strait has been in the country music business for nearly four decades. In those years, he’s made himself into the genre’s greatest artists of all time. George Strait is a country legend that has racked up so many number one hits. With 60 number one hits to his credit, he has cemented himself as

Susan Robinson
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Lots of amazing female country artists have stolen our heart over the course of time. Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline are often the most popular amongst them. But many people often argue that the title of the true country queen belongs to Kitty Wells. I had never heard of this amazing lady until this video.

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English, French, Arabic Cover of “Hallelujah” Get French Singer a 4 Chair Turn – The Voice France You might not know, but the “The Voice” franchises have been operating right over the world and some you might think are newcomers to this Simon Cowell brainchild. Starting in Brittan and then moving to the USA, you

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Willie Nelson's son, Lukas Nelson, sounds a lot like his dad. Same old-school sound a lot of us grew up with. This duet is one for the record books. #willienelson #singing #music #country Country, Videos, Primitive, Country Music, Jimmy Dickens, Country Music Songs, Rock And Roll Songs, Rock And Roll, Music Lovers

Nelson & His Son Lukas Sound Almost Identical Willie Nelson is an American Icon, and his son Lukas is making his name for himself as he is following in his fathers’ footsteps in the music industry. The pair looks so similar on stage with their mannerisms that it at times is frightening. The duo performed

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This beautiful duet from Alan Jackson and Alison Krauss is both nostalgic and timeless. Released in 1993 on his Honky Tonk Christmas album, this track was one of Jackson’s more toned-down numbers from the album. The country Christmas song opens with a melancholy melody and intertwines violin and acoustic guitar. Jackson and Krauss’s harmonies flow

Wanda Rowe
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Classic songs like ‘Sound of Silence’ are built on strong personal messages. Tommy Lee Depp adds his own version with this solemn bass cover. When you first hear the original ‘Sound of Silence’, the lyrics betray the happy instrumentals accompanying the track. If you listen closely enough, you can hear the pain and confusion in

Bruce Dobbs
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Have you heard the song ‘No Grain in Dry Places?’ We drought it. Listen to the Hunter Brothers sing it to for you. The Hunter Brothers aren’t just a bunch of guys singing into the camera. They’ve been nominated for the CCMA award four times and they’ve won the SCMA award three times. So they’re

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