Cottage drawing

Explore stunning cottage drawing ideas that will inspire your inner artist. Discover charming cottages, picturesque landscapes, and cozy scenes to bring out your creativity.
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I have a post going in my head about Cezanne. Very excited to share. But, it will have to wait. There are Halloween cards to be made. THE PROCESS, going backwards: Partway through adding color. The Drawing. The initial sketch on scrap paper. It is free & loose, isn't it? Walking photo tour 2 weeks ago for architectural reference. I'd have to ask permission to sketch these houses... Maybe, someday I will have the confidence. In the meantime, I borrow a detail here & there... Happy Halloween…

Nancy Covey
Cozy Cottage with Summer Flowers in Rustic and Cottagecore Style Inspiration, Architecture, Fall Cottagecore, Cottage Core House, Cottagecore House, Cottagecore Cottage, Fall Cottage, Cottagecore Houses, Cottagecore House Exterior

Embrace the charm of a Cozy Cottage adorned with Summer Flowers in Rustic and Cottagecore Style. This delightful artwork captures the essence of peaceful countryside living and the beauty of blooming flowers. Surround yourself with the tranquil vibes and r