Cork yoga mat

Enhance your yoga practice with a cork yoga mat that offers superior grip and sustainability. Discover the many benefits of using a cork mat and take your yoga experience to the next level.
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The Ultimate Yoga Setup, PLUS save $30! Light, durable, and good for the planet, our cork yoga mat is the ultimate all-rounder and best seller. We have bundled it together with all our yoga essentials for the ultimate at-home setup! Bundle includes: - Cork Yoga Mat (choose between our Classic or Align design) - RRP $109 - Yoga Block - RRP $40 - Exhale Kit (includes our Cork Ball & Cork Peanut) - RRP $60 - Canvas Tote Our cork yoga mats and accessories are made using 100% natural cork oak - a

The image shows a girl practicing a yoga pose twist on the Boho Flow cork yoga mat in an outdoor setting, and the overlay text reads "8 reasons why cork yoga mats are better".

The benefits of cork yoga mats simply outweigh traditional yoga mats - and the popular rubber mats - by far! Beside their sustainability and eco-friendliness, cork yoga mats offer numerous advantages. Find out more! #corkyogamat #ecoyogamat #benefitsofcorkyogamats #bohoflow

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