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Explore a collection of cool 3D prints that will spark your imagination and inspire your next project. Discover the endless possibilities of 3D printing technology.
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Here is a selection of the 15 most intelligent objects that can be 3D printed at home with a 3D printer. To do this, it's simple ! Go download the 3D files on sites like Cults or Thingiverse and start printing with your own 3D printer or make it printed by a friend. These items will change your life or at least make you smile!

Courtney Portier
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Sliced and printed perfectly the first time. No work required on any of the joints; they all worked great right off the plate. PLA Temp: 220⁰ / 65⁰ Speed 30 for first few layers, then sped up to 85mm/s

Candace Koop Ballstadt