College savings plan kids

Secure your child's future with a smart college savings plan. Explore top ideas to start saving for their education and give them a head start in life.
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It is well known that 529 plans are the best way to save for your child’s higher education expenses. 77% of parents who are saving for their child’s college expenses are using a 529 plan, according to the College Saving Survey by And with over 80% of parents wanting to pay for at least 50% of their student’s expenses, we all want to be prepared and start saving early. But what happens to your 529 savings if your child doesn’t go to college? Does a 529 plan make sense if…

Stacy Rodriguez
How to set up a college savings plan for your kids (Peace of Mind Challenge - Part 2) - The Many Little Joys College Savings Plan Kids, Kids Savings Plan, Year Savings Plan, College Savings Plan, 529 College Savings Plan, College Savings, 529 Plan, Toddler Parenting, College Planning

College is getting more expensive each year. Will your kids be able to afford the cost? In this month's installment of the Peace of Mind Challenge, get a step-by-step guide to help you set up a college savings plan for your kids.

Jessica Norsworthy