Coconut oil coffee

Start your day off right with these delicious coconut oil coffee recipes that will give you an energy boost and promote overall well-being. Try them now and taste the difference!
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A tasty keto coffee recipe with coconut oil, cinnamon and almond butter! This delicious keto drink is just as good as cappuccino in the morning and it also suppresses appetite. If you need to make it a bit sweeter you can add some stevia. Not exactly bulletproof coffee, this low carb coffee drink is paleo, dairy-free and vegan.

Karen Mathis
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People seem to be telling you to put coconut oil in everything now, from your food to your hair. But can (and should) you be putting coconut oil in coffee? Actually, yes. This jack of all trades can boost your coffee game too. Read on to find out why and a couple recipes to try it!

Katie Tingley