Coastal redwood

Immerse yourself in the majestic beauty of coastal redwood trees. Learn about their unique features and find inspiration for your next outdoor adventure.
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Look up in awe at the mighty coastal redwoods with their ridged reddish bark. This photo was taken in Muir Woods, just north of the San Francisco Bay in Mill Valley. The coast redwoods thrive in places like this that often have dense fog. They are generally taller but not as thick in diameter as the related giant sequoias. You can buy prints here or see more of my photos.

Deanna Stoddard
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For those of us who love the woods, trees are a constant source of wonder. Towering forest giants can make you feel tiny wherever you are, but some dwarf the rest. Some of the tallest trees on Earth can be found in the inaccessible tropics of Borneo and the ancient forests of Tasmania. Europe's tallest trees are over 20 stories high but are all non-native species from wilder parts of the world. But none of these can match the stately grandeur and cathedral awe of the old-growth redwood and…

Gabriel Sandu