Clay monsters

Get inspired to create your own adorable clay monsters with these fun and easy ideas. Let your imagination run wild and bring your unique creatures to life.
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Monday Mayhem: Clay work inspired by artist James DeRosso!

This was my first time working with clay for multiple days in class, well only two, but it was still a really big deal for me! I have so many students and not as much space so organizing everything was really hard for me but worth it! I found this artist named James DeRosso who creates these AMAZING clay monsters! Here is a video that is great to introduce him to your class here. The process was really easy, using slabs to create the cylinder and then attaching pieces using score & slip. My…

Julie Hernandez
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Clay Monsters

It's SO EASY to make these cute clay monsters! With air dry clay, your hands, and some toothpicks, you can create a hand sculpted clay monster. It's such a fun craft for kids and beginners to working with clay! Design your clay monsters to be as scary or as sweet as you'd like, or follow our simple step-by-step tutorial to create a funny 'Snail-zilla' monster. It's such a perfect craft for Halloween, monster themed birthday parties, or any time you want to get creative with clay! This post…

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