Clamp rack woodworking

Maximize your workshop space and keep your clamps organized with these innovative clamp rack woodworking ideas. Find the perfect solution for your woodworking projects and create a more efficient and productive workspace.
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TWo-Sided Mobile Clamp Rack Plans Solve all of your woodworking clamp storage problems with this easy-to-build clamp rack. Overall dimensions approximately 48"W x 23-3/4"D x 67-1/4"H when using 4" casters. All parts are made from 3/4" plywood. This mobile, two-sided rack is modular to change with your storage needs as

Norse Woodcraft
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Pipe Clamp Storage Rack Workshop Tip I'm a neat freak and hate when my shop is a mess. Part of being neat is being organized. You can never have enough clamps so recently I decided that I needed a better way to store my pipe clamps. My clamps range from 24 inches to 60 inches.

Dan Henry