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Enhance your knowledge and have fun with these interactive chemistry review games. Explore top game ideas to reinforce key concepts and ace your exams.
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If you have been following my blog or part of my mailing list then you should know that I love using game-based learning in my chemistry classroom. Why? because it is less intimidating to students than a worksheet. There is some science behind it that I won't go into in this post, but just know that game-based learning is beneficial for two main reasons: 1. Students forget they’re learning while they’re learning: Sometimes students just need some low-stakes activities to take their mind off…

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Test prep season is upon us, and with it comes the dreaded question, how do teachers prepare their students? Working in a classroom during test prep can be stressful for both the teacher and the students. The classroom can feel tense and nervous, which can make it difficult for student to retain in

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UPDATE: Check out my new Interactive version of this game! Today I am writing about my absolute favorite (and my students’ favorite) review game: Attack! Let me start by listing the reasons I love this game: It requires NO PREP It requires NO MATERIALS (other than a chalkboard/whiteboard) It can be used inRead more about A Review Game That Students Love – ATTACK![...]

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