Cheap drop ceiling ideas

Discover inexpensive and creative drop ceiling ideas to enhance the look of your space. Get inspired and start your budget-friendly ceiling makeover today.
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The WoodHaven ceiling collection offers ceiling planks in a variety of finishes. These planks install to joists or an existing ceiling and are a great cover-up option for damaged drywall, plaster, or popcorn ceilings. In basements, WoodHaven planks can even install over standard 15/16-in ceiling grid to refresh an old drop ceiling. Prefinished; no sanding, staining or sealing Shiplap look Great for covering up damaged drywall, plaster, or popcorn ceilings Tongue and groove edge minimizes the…

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DIY Painted Basement Ceiling Project. White painted ceiling with exposed duct work. Exposed painted basement ceiling. How to paint your basement ceiling. Painting a lofted ceiling. How to use a spray gun to paint a ceiling. Painting a ceiling with a spray gun. Best spray guns for painting a basement

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Hiding unsightly pipes, ductwork, wires, and other imperfections on the original ceiling can be easily accomplished by installing a dropped ceiling. Usually placed on top of a traditional ceiling, dropped ceilings are often referred to as suspended or drop ceilings. They are secured from the main ceiling using metal wires and tracks. Dropped ceilings are […]

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