Central station

Discover the benefits of central station as a hub for transportation, shopping, and entertainment. Plan your visit and experience the convenience and excitement it offers.
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It was a chilly evening in New York City when my wife and I set out to photograph the exterior of Grand Central Station at midnight. The streets were bustling with people, the sounds of car horns and sirens filling the air. We made our way to the station, eager to capture its beauty at night. As we approached the entrance, the grand façade of the building loomed before us, its majestic columns and arches bathed in the soft glow of the streetlights. We set up our tripod and camera, and began…

Roger Carle
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Grand Central Station Oyster Bar is an architectural terra cotta Guastavino Tile project completed by Boston Valley Terra Cotta. Learn about Boston Valley’s projects featuring TerraClad Rain Screen, Roof Tile, Guastavino Tile, TerraPreCast, and more.

Hazel Jaronczyk