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Introduce your kids to the Catholic faith with our engaging catechism resources. Discover interactive activities, games, and lessons that make learning the catechism fun and meaningful for children.
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Kids will enjoy looking around their parish church for the items in this eye spy scavenger hunt. Simply have them look for the items and either color or check the box once discovered. Object include: Monstrance, Tabernacle, Crucifix, Stations of the Cross, Sanctuary Lamp, Stained Glass Window, Presider’s Chair, Baptismal Font, Organ, Hymnal, Alter, Statue,… Read More »Catholic Scavenger Hunt for Kids – Free Printable

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I've mentioned it before , but one of the main reasons I started this blog was because when I was teaching my oldest the children's catechism, I felt like there wasn't anything out there (Pinterest, blogs, etc.) the way there was with so many other things for little kids! You could find thousands o

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Catholic Mass Checklist for kids! If your kids are busy and sqirmy during church, having something productive or meaningful for them to do can make a huge difference. Using the different parts of mass help your child stay interested by checking off each part of Mass as you do it! From the opening song, to the readings, gospel, homily, Eucharistic prayer, Communion, and more. Fun pictures for Catholic kids to learn more about Mass and stop asking "how much longer" Mass checklist. Mass…

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Let's talk about teaching catechism in the household. The What, Why, and How of using catechism for the whole family to get closer to God. First you must choose a catechism to use. After that, it's just a matter of making the time each day/week to practice the questions with your kids.

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