Cat parenting

Learn how to be a successful cat parent with expert tips and advice. Create a loving and nurturing environment for your furry friend and enjoy a strong bond with your cat.
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HOW TO GET A CAT TO TRUST YOU IN 5 STEPS Is there anything better than knowing that our precious furbabies love and trust us? As pet owners, we all want our animals to feel comfortable in our homes and around us, but how to get a cat to trust you? Out of all the cat owner tips out there, here’s our top one - understanding cat behavior should be your main priority. Whether you’ve gained a new furbaby via cat adoption or a breeder, anticipating their needs will make a huge difference. Some may…

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They say dogs have masters, but cats? Cats have staff. They keep us humans occupied with their furry needs. They’ve got a set routine and they like things clean. (Unless they’re shredding toilet paper.) This is why abnormal cat behavior like urinating outside the litter box always means something deeper. You’ll have to do some...

Wendy Lee