Capacity activities

Explore these exciting capacity activities for kids to enhance their understanding of measurement. Get hands-on with sensory play and interactive challenges to make learning about capacity fun and memorable.
Exploring Capacity with Coloured Water - The Imagination Tree Crafts, Montessori, Pre K, Capacity Activities, Preschool Science, Play Based Learning, Water Play, Math Classroom, Fun Math

Play with coloured water and plastic bottles and learn about simple capacity and measuring maths concepts at the same time! Welcome to another activity in our Playful Maths series, which we are co-hosting with Learn with Play at Home. We focus on making maths playful, fun and totally hands-on and worksheet free! Each activity uses recycled...Read More »

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How do you teach measurement in kindergarten? It isn’t the easiest math skill to teach that’s for sure but these fun and engaging measurement activities for kindergarten and preschool children will help you.

Chrissa Karpathios