Calm down

Discover simple and effective techniques to calm down and find inner peace. Learn how to reduce stress and anxiety in your daily life and create a sense of calmness.
How to Calm Someone Down Who Is Nervous -- via Calm Personality, Feeling Nervous, Print Journal, Professional Networking, Emotional Freedom Technique, Emotional Freedom, Deep Breathing Exercises, Harvard Business Review, Cool Magazine

Your friend or loved one is feeling really nervous and you want to help them calm down, but you're not sure what exactly to say or do to help. Don't worry! This article will show you the best ways to support someone who is feeling nervous,...

Be gentle with yourself... Powerful words for someone who is harder on themselves than anyone could imagine. Namaste, Sanna Ord, Positiva Ord, Inspirerende Ord, Motiverende Quotes, Be Gentle With Yourself, Socrates, The Words, Great Quotes

Happy Friday!! Welcome to Favorite Things Fridays. Can I confess something before we get into my favorites a second. I feel like I need to get this off my chest. I'm addicted to Pretty Little Liars. I started it on netflix last week & I'm already on season 3. I never in my life thought I would watch this show, but O my it has me hooked! Ps. for those PLL fans out there.. I just found out who A was. Wow! haha. Ok, now that I confessed my favorite show at the moment. Let's get to my other…

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