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Discover the top calligraphy pens that will take your creative writing to the next level. Find the perfect pen to express your artistic talent and enhance your writing skills.
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What is the best calligraphy pen for beginners? That's probably one of the most common questions I constantly get. Instead of listing a bunch of popular calligraphy pens, I decided to create a comprehensive guide that will help you choose the right calligraphy pen for you. Before we get started,…

Josi Wayman
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Hi everyone! One thing that a lot of you say you struggle with is shaky brush strokes, so I wanted to talk about how to get the right pressure for brush lettering. While learning to use pressure correctly will help you to smooth out your strokes, the most important thing to remember is that shaky strokes are normal! It takes time to train your brain and muscles to letter smoothly. So much of brush lettering comes down to the amount of pressure you put on your pen and your strokes. Pushing…

Mary Adams
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About this item Dual tips: rush and fine liner tips(0.4mm) allow you to draw with both fine and broad lines. SO YOU GET THE CALLIGRAPHY YOU WANT – tired of using fake coloring marker pens that don’t deliver the expected results? Go with a top-quality set of pens that feature durable tips which quickly retract to revert to the original shape. This ideally makes these tips perfect for shading, coloring, and blending, delivering fine finishes regardless what you’re working on RICH LIFE WITH…