Burlap wall decor diy

Transform your walls with these creative DIY burlap decor ideas. Add a touch of rustic charm to your home with unique and personalized wall decorations.
Hang Burlap on your walls.  Love it!!  And if you use spray starch it is easy to remove if you ever decide to take it down. Home, Interior, Décor, Hessian, Design, Home Décor, Wallpaper, Wall, Burlap

Remember my Burlap Walls post? Remember how I said I had to find a way to get the wrinkles out? I think I have. I also think I found a better way to hang it...one I considered and for some reason decided not to do (stupid me). Have you ever hung fabric on a wall with liquid starch? I read about this years ago when I was a newly wed living in an apartment desperately wanting to paint but couldn't. You can apply any fabric to the walls with liquid starch and it will peel right off when you're…

Steffanie Peck