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Get ready to have a blast while making delicious brownies. Discover fun activities and tips to create the perfect batch of brownies that will leave everyone wanting more.
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*This post contains affiliate links. Updated April 2023 One of the most important Legacy Badges that transferred with the new Brownie Try It program is the First Aid Try It. While young girls cannot be expected to perform intense kinds of First Aid, they should know what to do in case of an emergency. This is important because as they get older, they will have more responsibilities and will be relied on to do things as meetings and trips become more “girl led”. If you have a resource-a…

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*This post contains affiliate links. Updated April 2023 The Brownie Snack Try it is one of the most fun badges for the girls to earn, and it is also one of the messiest and hands on for you to lead. This badge is very similar to the old Brownie program’s Make It, Eat It, Try It that my troop earned back when they were Brownies. Many children today are well aware of what constitutes healthy foods and non-healthy foods. This is not only taught in school, but is also preached to them on various…

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Looking to earn the Brownie Hiking Badge? Check out these 5 fun activities that will get your troop excited about hiking and exploring the great outdoors. From trail scavenger hunts to nature crafts, these activities will help your girls learn new skills and enjoy the beauty of nature. Get ready to lace up those hiking boots and embark on an amazing adventure with your Brownie troop!

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*All posts have been updated in April 2023 to ensure that all of the links are still viable for leaders to use. I have been my younger daughter’s Girl Scout leader since 2008, when I started my troop of six little Daisy Scouts. Like many leaders, I felt a bit overwhelmed when I first started, even though I had been an elementary school and preschool teacher since 1987. My leadership training was practically non-existent, and the internet did not have many resources available. Every time I…

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