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Transform your home with elegant British decor. Discover top ideas to add a touch of sophistication and charm to your living space.
'Deeply romantic' British country house features in Old Homes, New Life by Clive Aslet | Daily Mail Online English Country Estate Interior, English Country Life, British Country Style Interior, Old English Country House Interior, British Countryside House Interior, British Houses Interior, English Bedroom Classic, English Homes Interiors, Old English Decor

Clive Aslet's Old Homes, New Life: The Resurgence of the British Country House gives a behind-the-scenes account of the family of Lucy Chenevix-Trench at Madresfield Court, Worcestershire.

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English country style is popular in many places in the world, not just England, because of its warmth, coziness, and character. This style started in the rural parts of England and feature an abundance of antique, vintage, and/or thrifted traditional floral prints, natural materials, and classic furniture pieces that seem to be collected throughout the years. Here are some interior designer tips & tricks for how to decorate in an English country style in your home. Furniture PiecesThere…

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Wild Birds Wall Art Print Set of 4, Antique Bird Decor, Antique Bird Illustration, Ornithology Poster, Bird Print, Bird Decor Please note that some of our prints come from images that are over 100 years old and as such, they may reflect realistic details - they may be grainier than we are used to seeing now, there may be slight creases, smudges or tears reflected that cannot be removed during restoration - in our opinion this is exactly how they're supposed to look - authentic! Please check…