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Discover the fascinating world of British aircraft and their contribution to aviation history. From iconic warplanes to pioneering commercial jets, explore the innovation and craftsmanship behind these remarkable flying machines.
The right wing of Avro Vulcan VX770 disintegrates. Aviation Accidents, Military Jets, Fighter Planes, Fighter Jets, Flight, Airplane Photography, Aircraft Design, Aeroplanes, Experimental Aircraft

20 September 1958: The first prototype Avro Vulcan strategic bomber, VX770, piloted by Rolls-Royce test pilot Keith Roland Sturt, was on a test flight from the Rolls-Royce Flight Test Establishment, RAF Hucknall, when it diverted to make a scheduled fly-past for an air show being held at RAF Syerston in Nottinghamshire. Also aboard were Co-Pilot … Continue reading 20 September 1958 →

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