Brain teasers for kids

Engage your child with fun and challenging brain teasers that will boost their problem-solving skills. Explore top brain teaser ideas to keep your kids entertained and intellectually stimulated.
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Talking about cognitive development, in general, it will be discussed early because cognitive development can develop over time. At a very young age, cognitive training will be influenced by the factors of the people and the environment around them.

Vanessa Laurent
Brain teasers, riddles & puzzles card game (set 2) - English ESL Worksheets

Second set of 21 cards (42 in total)ss play in groups or pairs, one player takes a card and the other has to guess which is the puzzle presented on the card, every time the answer is correct one point goes to the player. You can set a time for playing the game and the ss who has got more points it´s the winner. Another option will be to take it in turns and give, for example 5 minutes to each ss, to see how many cards can guess in the given time. If you think of other possibilies, as playing…

Dianna Casanova
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I do love a good brain teaser. I learnt a few of these while I was a guest on board the Disney Magic. Our server used to give them to us while we waited for our food to arrive. Some of them I got quickly, others left me stumped until we were told the answer. The others I learnt as a child at school.

Mollie Groenendyk