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Cool brain watercolor and ink painting. Art print 5x7 8x10, perfect for doctor office wall art, graduation gift, present for neuron student or science nerd. // by 1flychicken creations #etsy #anatomy #neurology #psychology Art Drawings, Ink, Art, Illustrators, Painting Art, Brain Painting, Brain Art, Brain Drawing, Brain Illustration

If you only had a brain...? Don't worry, Scarecrow. Now you can. This is a professional giclée print of my original watercolor and ink brain painting. Featuring eye-catching ink, blue and yellow watercolor hues, this human brain illustration is fun and modern and ready to liven up any home or office wall. DETAILS Watercolor and ink brain painting. High-quality giclée print of my original artwork. Vibrant pink and purple hues. Cool gift idea for neurologists, neurosurgeons, mental health…

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Oh how convenient, just when you needed a little serotonin boost, BAM! Here come Merijn with some updates of his constantly mind-blowing work. As well as being of the highest and most unique quality, Merijn's work is also pleasingly varied, making his portfolio a fizzing, glowing party bag of astonishing draughtsmanship. Personally I thought I'd never see anything better than his "wood sculptures": but I think these twiddly hand-drawn letterforms have taken over for…

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With a title like that, the expectations are going to be very high. I hope the post lives up to it for you. This part of the title: "Goosebumps on my Brain", is actually a quote I found on Oleg's social media site. Just wanted to pause a second on that, because it's the fist time I come across this saying and it's AWESOME. Imagine if that were possible... We have all experienced it on our arms, the neck or back. Can you imagine how weird it would feel, if it happened on the surface of your…

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Davide Bonazzi is an illustrator from Bologna, Italy, who creates thought-provoking images about modern-day social issues. He is a full-time illustrator and has been drawing since he was a child. "In a way, I've created illustrations from childhood, from the moment I could hold a pencil," he told Bored Panda.

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