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Explore the life and career of Brad Renfro, a talented actor who made a lasting impact on the film industry. Discover his unforgettable performances and the legacy he left behind.
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One of the movies I bought this month was "Sleepers". I like this movie. The cast is fantastic! Specially Brad Renfro. Yes, I guess I'm a little... dark... I can't help it. He was one of my favorite actors. What happens with these boys, for Christ sake! I know it must be hard to live in this world, but there'll be someone to help, always. Everybody has problems, pains, scars. I have my own. I tried to kill myself, once or twice, but I never really wanted to. I cried for help and I got it. I…

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Brad Renfro

Brad Renfro was probably why you watched The Client and Sleepers and were subsequently scarred for life.

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