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Learn how to thrive as a boutique owner in the competitive fashion industry. Discover strategies, trends, and insights to attract customers and grow your boutique business.
Whangamata clothing boutique owner Karan Gregory on why you don't need a degree to be a great business owner - thisNZlife Clothes, Clothing, Boutique Owner, Boutique Clothing, Business Owner, Business, Create Your Own Business, Open, Boutique

Boutique owner Karan Gregory has an eye for business based on experience earned, not learned. Words: Cheree Morrison 1990: A gap from Takapuna Grammar Karan, a keen sportswoman, was happy with a pass during her school years at Takapuna Grammar but her grades weren’t good enough for entry to her hoped-for career as a P.E. teacher. So she took a gap year, nannying, snowboarding and managing a Burger Wisconsin. There was also a high-energy phase as an aerobics instructor and personal trainer…

A Boutique Owner’s Guide to Las Vegas Magic Las Vegas, Las Vegas Fashion, Show Booth, Trade Show, Fashion Trade Shows, Boutique Owner, Boutique Shop, Boutique Display, Tradeshow Booth

If you don't know what Las Vegas Magic is, then this post probably isn't for you. Las Vegas Magic is one of the biggest Apparel Markets in the U.S. and is held twice a year in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are a store owner and are debating whether or not to attend, what you need to prepare for, or are looking for a guide, this is for you!

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