Bored things to do

Discover exciting and creative ideas to keep yourself entertained and beat boredom. Explore top activities that will make your free time more enjoyable.
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In addition to our fabulous summer bucket list and activity list, we have a Bored Jar that I made last summer and that Cass has updated using lolly sticks. ...

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My name is Konstantinos Bakas, I'm a self-taught artist from Greece and 17 years old. I can't tell when I actually started drawing and sketching, it seems like always. But I do have kept plenty of my work when I was younger which goes back 5 years from now.

Learn how to stop yourself from mindless scrolling infographic that includes play a game of chess, do a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, make your own soy candle, write poem, sew your clothes, go to a beginner martial arts class, prepare your outfit for tomorrow, play a classic board game, pamper yourself, cook a new recipe,and more; Black text on an white background with hand-drawn icons in a 7*4 table What To Do Instead Of Being On Phone List, Things To Do Except Being On Your Phone, Things That Make You Smarter, Things You Can Do By Yourself, Things To Do To Be More Productive, Things Instead Of Phone, How To Have, How To Make Phone More Aesthetic, Things To Stop Doing In 2024

Instead of mindlessly scrolling, do something more worthwhile with your time. Here are 101 things you can do without being on your phone...

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Wondering what to do when you're stuck and bored at home? Get stuck into our ultimate epic list of things to do when you're stuck at home.

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