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Add a unique touch to your books with creative and personalized bookplate designs. Discover top ideas to make your books truly your own with these stunning bookplates.
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This Josef Albers Foundation " In Mexico " exhibition lithograph print large hardcover Modernism art book is a very special and unique book to add to your library collection. The hardcover art book with magenta raspberry pink linen covered boards, embossed cover and spine titles is published by Guggenheim Museum Publications, printed in Italy by Conti in 2022, in conjunction with the " Josef Albers in Mexico " exhibition at The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York. It features a monograph…

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This is a selection of the 80 bookplates that I have engraved in wood and printed in Victorian handpresses. I have also included details from the finished work as well as from the design drawings and engraved woodblocks. You can find out more about wood engraving and see my work on my website: I am always very happy to talk about designing and engraving a bookplate for you to use yourself or for a gift. My work is always be in demand and there is usually a wait of at…

Allison Eggers
My Goodness! What a wonderful Art Deco Bookplate! One of the most beautiful I've seen to date! The Bookplate Society's Summer Auction Vintage Posters, Vintage, Antiques, Marquess, Illustrators, Art Nouveau, Book Art, St Margaret, Bookplate Design

I am very pleased to announce a special event from The Bookplate Society. Send Bids or Questions to Good luck with your bidding. Lew THE BOOKPLATE SOCIETY'S SUMMER AUCTION The Bookplate Society’s members’ auctions, three each year, offer a wide range of material, mostly British 18th and 19th century exlibris, but there are also Continental European and North American items. These sales are not open to non-members. Members either attend in person or bid in advance…

Ellen Springer