Bolshoi theatre

Experience the magnificence of Bolshoi Theatre, a cultural gem that promises unforgettable performances. Explore the rich history and breathtaking architecture of this iconic landmark in Moscow.
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A historic musical theatre in Moscow founded in 1776. The Bolshoi Ballet and Bolshoi Opera are among the oldest and most renowned ballet and opera companies in the world. The main building of the theatre is a landmark of Moscow and Russia. I was built in 1825 by the architect Joseph Bové. (Photo @ Credits to DmitriyGuryanov)

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The main auditorium of the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. One of the most famous historic stages in the world, the Bolshoi Theatre was built in 1856 by the Italian architect Alberto Cavos. A recent six-year long (and estimated 500 million euros) overhaul restored the theatre to its 19th century appearance, removing all Soviet-era aditions and changes. Some 3,500 architects, historians, art experts, conservators, engineers, riggers, among others, have been striving to replicate the historical…