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Discover effective strategies and techniques to improve your body awareness. Develop a deeper connection with your body and enhance your overall well-being today.
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For so long on my spiritual path and life journey, I focused exclusively on the mind. And yet, no matter how much talk therapy, meditation, or reading self-help books I did, many of my most fundamental issues remained untouched and unresolved. Anxiety. Depression. Chronic Pain. IBS issues. All of these issues (and more) are not just psychological patterns but physical imprints. The mind and body are inextricably linked. Not only that, but the body is our gauge of truth, our inner oracle –…

Miriam Morgan
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The preschool years are a time of exploration and discovery. They are also filled with learning a lot about what makes us unique individuals. Recently, I started working with my toddler on identifying and naming body parts and reading various All About Me Books. Today we’re sharing a fun all about me preschool science activity...Read More

Meme Yolani
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An embodiment practice is returning to feeling into the body again and again. It is basically like pausing for a moment, taking a few breaths, bringing our awareness into your body and saying Hello, how are you today? This article feeling into the foundations to what embodiment is and what an embodiment practice entails. <<READ FULL POST to get my free embodiment guide too!!>>

Ana Pavlova