Bob the builder

Discover how Bob the Builder can help you tackle all your DIY projects with his expertise and tools. Get inspired and start building with Bob today!
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Bob is the main character and titular protagonist of the eponymous television series. He is a general contractor with being head of his own construction yard along with his close colleague and best friend Wendy. He is based in Bobsville, Sunflower Valley or Fixham Harbour depending on the series. Bob is from a family of builders - his father Robert is also a builder and so was his Grandfather Billy. Bob wanted to be a builder ever since he was a child and he got a hardhat for Christmas when…

Leonel Gonzalez
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Spud is a mischievous anthropomorphic scarecrow who lives on Farmer Pickles' farm and always attempts to help Bob and the crew, although his efforts usually end in disaster due to his strong clumsiness. Spud is a tricky, mischievous, impulsive, childish yet endearing scarecrow who constantly creates multiple problems for Bob and his crew with his antics and gets into trouble. Although he often means well and tries to help out, he causes more problems than he solves and his antics include…

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