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Discover the natural beauty and charm of Blue Ridge, GA with our top ideas and attractions. Plan your visit to this picturesque destination and experience the perfect blend of outdoor adventures and small-town charm.
30 Cool Things to Do in Blue Ridge, Georgia

As a mountain town, Blue Ridge boasts picturesque views at every turn. It also provides a perfect blend of the old and the new. Hopping on antique trains will expose you to its vibrant villages. If you love hiking, you'll have the best time here. Let the whole family join…

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When someone tells you to “take a hike”, gladly tell them you’re happy to go, and then make your way to Blue Ridge, Georgia, and the surrounding area. The beauty of the North Georgia Mountains is phenomenal and Fannin County in particular is a great place to base your trip. Ready to get started? Here are 7 great trail options for hiking in Blue Ridge GA!

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