Bike shelter

Discover innovative bike shelter ideas to keep your bicycles safe and protected. Find the perfect solution to store your bikes conveniently and protect them from the elements.
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Fence Supported Bike Shelter

Built a client a bike shelter. They were surprised by the simple design, but found it to be quite workable. The structure is very light so doesn't put any strain on the fence that I could see. I used 2 x 3's. Borrowed the idea from DIY friends. I did the same thing at home so had a picture to show client already, but this one is bigger since there's more space between gate and fence. They have four bikes to fit here so should be enough room.

Crystal Woods
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20 Free DIY Bike Shed Plans (Outdoor Bike Storage)

Storing bikes safely while maintaining a tidy outdoor space can be a challenge. Our guide on 20 easy and free DIY bike shed plans provides a wealth of designs to protect your bikes from the elements. Each DIY bike shed plan comes with easy-to-follow instructions, so you can craft a storage solution that not only secures your bicycles but also enhances the look of your home exterior. Our DIY bike shed plans collection is designed to cater to your storage needs. Ready to transform your…

Chad Morse
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Wooden bike shed plans - Make a shelter for your bicycle | DIY Projects

No self-respecting boy would leave his bicycle outdoors, exposed to the weather like a neglected piece of farm machinery, because it would not be long before it would look like a "bum old bike," and he would be ashamed to be seen riding it; also, because he knows that it would require a complete overhauling and thorough lubrication to put it back into good running order

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Douglas Fir timber cycle shelters | Setter Shelters

Douglas Fir timber cycle shelters are produced by Setter Shelters to standard or bespoke designs. Douglas Fir is pressure-treated to make it extremely durable, with low maintenance requirements. Cycle shelters are available with curved or flat roofs in a choice of coverings including reclaimed clay pan tiles, wooden shingles, felt shingles or UV

Alyssa Cudmore