Berry chantilly cake

Indulge in the delectable flavors of Berry Chantilly Cake. Discover mouthwatering recipes that combine the sweetness of berries with the lightness of Chantilly cream. Treat yourself to a slice of heaven today!
Here are the two cakes — store bought and homemade — side by side. In terms of aesthetics, the Whole Foods one may have won. 😂 Cake, Cake Recipes, Berry, Summer, Desserts, Cake Tasting, Whole Foods Cake, Cake Receipe, How Sweet Eats

Flavor-wise, the homemade version is very comparable to the Whole Foods cake — which seems like a given because they are both berry Chantilly cakes — but the texture of the homemade frosting was light and melted in your mouth. The DIY'd cake was also very moist and had a perfect vanilla flavor compared to the store-bought one, which was dry and a bit bland.

Theresa Zilska