Behavior log

Discover practical behavior log ideas to track and improve behavior. Use these strategies to promote positive habits and address challenging behaviors in a structured and organized manner.
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Next year I am going to try something new for behavior. This year I would call parents when there was some kind of big behavior problem at school, and when particular students had a really great day/week, but I didn't have a consistent home-school behavior communication plan. So, here it is, my behavior plan for next year (only for students who need it, of course):

Narquita Huff
Label students' Take Home Folders with "Keep at Home" and "Return to School" stickers to help organize and manage the paperwork going from school to home. Organisation, Pre K, Take Home Folders, Teacher Organization, School Organization, School Labels, Homework Folder, School Procedures, First Grade Classroom

Take Home Folders/Homework Folders... Let's talk about how to set up, label, organize, and manage Take Home Folders. Getting my folders set up is always a huge priority during summer break. I NEVER wait for students to bring their supplies to school on Meet the Teacher night because I want to have my folders set up and ready to go for the first week of school. I also want all students to have THE SAME FOLDER. I always choose green for my Take Home Folders because green means go. These are…

Leigh Ann Beck