Beer bacon

Discover the perfect beer and bacon pairings to enhance your culinary experience. From savory to smoky flavors, explore top ideas for enjoying these indulgent treats together.
Beer-Candied Bacon: just bacon, brown sugar & beer. Great Superbowl appetizer. Brunch, Bacon, Foodies, Appetiser Recipes, Breakfast And Brunch, Appetisers, Dessert, Beer Bacon, Candied Bacon

I had my first taste of beer-candied bacon on a burger at my other favorite local brewpub, Evolution’s Public House. While I don’t really remember anything remarkable about the burger itself, that beer-candied bacon really resonated with me. And, I tucked it away in the “make sure to try at home” file. So, when I went into bacon-hoarding overdrive during the Holidays – and had about three pound in the fridge after Christmas, I decided to give the beer-candied bacon thing a go to have for New…

Kaileigh Gibbons