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Explore ideas to redefine beauty and discover a new perspective. Embrace your unique features and redefine what it means to be beautiful.
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Wouldn’t you agree that Christian teens, as well as their moms and mentors, wrestle with finding healthy boundaries on beautifying the outside, while they know it is their inner beauty that matters most? Beauty is one of the most challenging, heart-wrenching topics facing teens through twenty-something gals and even today’s women. No matter the age, females struggle to understand where they fit on the beauty scale and how to accurately see their reflection in the mirror. In our collection of…

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Nigerian demi-fine jewellery brand Lois Regalia has released its holiday collection titled Owó Èkó. The collection is a nod to the beauty of Lagos, with a powerful message of substance, fashion, and love. Each piece is a reminder of the peculiarities in Lagos fashion and flamboyant lifestyle. The subtle beauty and boldness of each piece are made in 18K gold plated on steel or copper. While the delicate green malachite stone is detailed over 925 sterling Silver and 18K Gold plating. See the…

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