Beaded dragonfly

Discover a stunning collection of beaded dragonfly crafts and jewelry. Add a touch of whimsy to your style with these intricate and unique creations.
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For an upcoming show, I want to create oversized dragonflies. My first challenge is to make the wings using un-steeped (white) tea bags. I want the wings to have a translucent look so you can see through them but crispy and brittle, not flexible like plastic. I've tried many products that looked

Ronny Redick
Pattern for beaded dragonfly by ~Anabiyeni on deviantART Beaded Dragonfly Pattern, Gecko Pattern, Mannequin Hand, Dragonfly Pattern, Ring Size Chart, Round Cut Ring, Beaded Dragonfly, Beaded Fabric, Painting Flower

Description I finally finished another pattern. This pattern can be used to make these dragonflies: [link] I developed it some years ago as a variation on the gecko pattern and have used altered versions of these wings for fairies. I have only used Malawian beads for this pattern, but any beads should work.

Blissed Out Mamas