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Bronco was a heavyweight robot which competed in the reboot of BattleBots which aired on ABC. It... Combat Robot, Battle Bots, Fighting Robots, Reboot, Hero 6, Robot, Combat, Robotics Club, Heroes

Bronco is a heavyweight robot built by Inertia Labs which competed in the first four BattleBots World Championships, as well as BattleBots: Bounty Hunters. It is currently semi-retired, appearing exclusively at BattleBots: Destruct-A-Thon live shows.As with most Inertia Labs robots, its weapon was a powerful pneumatic flipping arm which boasted almost three times the power of the team's Comedy Central BattleBots superheavyweight champion Toro.Bronco was a crowd favorite in the first season…

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HyperShock was OUT FOR BLOOD 😱🔥 #BattleBots ▶️ Full Night 1 fight vs. Gigabyte BattleBots Champions, Thursdays at 8p ET on Discovery and discovery+... | Gigabyte Technology, Discovery Channel

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Bender was a heavyweight robot built by Eric Stoliker which competed in every season of the televised Comedy Central BattleBots run as well as the 2009 Pro Championship. Early Comedy Central incarnations of the robot featured two-wheel drive, a T-shaped chassis, and a large spinning disc which was continuously updated to become more damaging over time. For Season 3.0, the chassis was redesigned and a small lifting arm added to the rear, enabling Bender to adjust the attack angle of its own…

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Skorpios is a heavyweight robot which has competed in every BattleBots season since World Championship II. The robot was originally designed and built by Offbeat Robotics, led by Orion Beach and featuring Zach Lytle, before he and Diana Tarlson were sold the robot. Zach and Diana have since competed with Skorpios from World Championship V onward as co-captains of Bot Bash Party Crew. Skorpios is a two-wheel drive robot with a plow-like wedge at the front, paired with an articulating arm with…

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Multi award-winning 3D printer provider Markforged has confrimed that four of its 3D printers are to be featured in American television series BattleBots, premiering today on the Discovery Channel. 29 on-site teams from the dynamic robot combat tournament have been supported by the Massachusetts-based company as they 3D printed over 160 parts within the two weeks of […]

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