Bar pizza recipe

Discover mouthwatering bar pizza recipes that will satisfy your cravings. Learn how to make the perfect bar-style pizza at home and impress your friends with your culinary skills.
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I have made my share of pizza pies in many different ways. A few on the grill, a few in the oven on a pizza pan, a few in a cast iron pan and a few on a standard sheet pan. It was always hit and miss. For a long time it was easier to recommend our local bar when The Nudge got a hankering, using the excuse "tough day, not cooking". When I saw this recipe in the August/September 2014 Cook's Country magazine, I had to try it. Not only did it look good, it was totally ease-free and it just so…

Suzanne E Dansereau
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I was born in raised in Hanover, Massachusetts, a very small community south of Boston. If you’re not familiar with the area, you may be unaware that it is a high density region for a pizza phenomenon known as bar pizza. Bar pizza isn’t necessarily fancy fare--it’s called such because it’s a particular type of pizza served at bars. But don’t let that fact take away from the magic for you, because this pizza is special. On the smaller side (10-12 inches) and intended for one or two people…

Whiskey Rick