Bajubandh design gold

Enhance your traditional attire with elegant gold bajubandh designs. Explore a wide range of designs to add a touch of sophistication to your outfit.
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South Indian Wedding Traditions – Marigold Events

A Hindu Wedding Ceremony has slight variations based on which community or region in India your family belongs to. Today we will focus on the South Indian Wedding Traditions. Fine art wedding photography by Priyanka Sachar. Mangala Snaanam As a part of Mangala Snaanam custom, the bride and groom are required to take an auspicious bath, in […]

Swati Patil Rao
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Armlets for Women Who Want to Look Stylish and Unique

Beyond bracelets and rings, armlets encircle upper arms with eye-catching texture and shine. Historically worn by ancient cultures for status and protection, today they serve self-expression. Explore how this comeback accessory elevates modern outfits through craftsmanship and personalization. Understanding ArmletsUnlike bracelets worn on wrists, armlets adorn biceps. These cylindrical cuffs wrap snugly around the upper arms as sleeve-like jewelry. Also called “arm bands,” they date back to…

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