Bad beards

Transform your bad beard into a stylish statement with these trendy beard styles for men. Explore the top ideas to enhance your facial hair and achieve a confident, masculine look.
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“Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no! People can't see me like this. My own mother won't recognize me.” Chances are, nearly all of us have felt like this after a horrendous haircut. Whether by the will of a newbie/hungover/angry hairstylist or by your own clumsy hands at home, you've ended up massacring your hairdo. And now you can't leave home out of shame. (Which is kind of alright what with the global pandemic, lockdowns, and all.)

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Daddy has a Neck Beard!

To my unborn son/daughter, Daddy has a Neck Beard. (See pics below.) Awww... How Cute! (I know what you're thinking... Why is mummy such a fox, and daddy looks like a freaking Leprechaun? LIFE IS AWESOME!!! - That's why!) By the time you come into this world, all of the cool kids will have Neck Beards! Hopefully, you won't be born with one - but even if you are, your mum and I will still love you! (although your photo will not appear on this blog!) PS - This is really just an excuse to get…

Jeremy Wolfram