Baby proofing doors

Ensure the safety of your little one with these effective baby proofing solutions for doors. Discover how to create a secure environment and provide peace of mind for your family.
Or turning cabinet locks for anyone who is just as worried about losing the cabinet key as they are worried about their baby getting into the cabinets. Freezers, Baby Proof Drawers, Baby Proof Cabinets, Child Door Safety, Childproofing, Child Safety Locks, Child Proofing Cabinets, Safety Locks, Safe Lock

Promising review: "These work! I know a lot of us struggle finding good child protective locks/straps but these worked on my 3-year-old. Five minutes after installing he noticed them on the bathroom cabinet and they did not budge! I recommend before you peel and stick these to make note of measurements and clean the surface where you will install. They set up and install in less than 10 minutes! A++" —jennifer beaulieu mcgillGet four from Amazon for $8.99.

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We all know about the obvious baby proofing tasks - electrical outlet covers, cupboard locks, gates, cords from blinds, breakables, climbing hazards, etc. but there are a surprising number of 'hidden' hazards that you don't really think about until your baby has found them. Kate is 9 months old now and is getting into everything. Between our two kids, they have both managed to find hazards that we didn't think about when we were baby proofing our home. Only you know your baby's temperament…

Esther Nickell