Baby dolphins

Explore the adorable world of baby dolphins and learn fascinating facts about these playful and intelligent sea creatures. Dive into their underwater world and get captivated by their charm.
Baby dolphin hitches ride on mom's back – and makes everyone's day Ocean Life, Dolphins, Baby Sea Turtles, Baby Dolphins, Baby Skunks, Baby Flying Squirrel, Baby Raccoon, Whale

Baby dolphin seems to smile for boaters. Photo: Mandy Wilson/Rockingham Wild Encounters By Pete Thomas A photographer off Western Australia has captured an extraordinary image showing a newborn dolphin riding on mom’s back – and seemingly smiling in delight. Mandy Wilson, who was with Rockingham Wild Encounters off Perth, snapped away as the baby bottlenose dolphin was lifted above the surface, as the pod traveled to nearby Penguin Island. “When you’re this cute, you’ll always get away with…

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