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Get inspired by these adorable baby doll hair ideas to create a cute and stylish look. Discover different hairstyles that will make your baby doll stand out and be the envy of all.
Cabbage Patch Kids Vintage Retro Style Yarn Hair Doll - Original Brunette Hair/Brown Eyes, 16" - Amazon Exclusive - Easy to Open Packaging *** Continue to the product at the image link. (This is an affiliate link) Brunette Hair Brown Eyes, Girl Hair Colors, Yarn Hair, Hair Doll, Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls, Baby Alive Dolls, Kids Fans, Brown Eyed Girls, Cabbage Patch Dolls

Cabbage Patch Kids Classic Doll with Real Yarn Hair, 16" - Original Vintage Retro Style Adoptable Baby Doll - Officially Licensed - Gift for Girls - Brunette/Brown Eyes

Ready for adoption! This adorable vintage style Cabbage Patch Kid doll comes with a unique name, birth certificate and adoption papers. This retro vintage style doll showcases Brunette yarn hair, brown eyes, a soft body, plastic head, and baby powder scent-- all reminiscent of the original Cabbage Patch Kid look and feel! Now, kids young and old can once again enjoy the vintage style of the original Cabbage Patch Kid dolls! The Authentic Retro Style Cabbage Patch Kid Doll makes a great gift…

American Girl Care and Cleaning Tips: Includes fixing frizzy hair, removing marker and nail polish, and more! Styling Doll Hair, American Girl Doll Hair Care, Remove Sharpie, Doll Restoration, How To Remove Sharpie, Doll Makeover, American Girl Doll Hairstyles, American Girl Diy, Doll Items

American Girl Care and Cleaning Tips.

Things I've learned about caring for and restoring American Girl dolls. Basic Hair Care Always use a brush from American Girl OR go to your local beauty supply and get a "wig brush". Your doll's hair is the same high quality synthetic hair used for human wigs. It needs to be brushed with a wire bristle brush. A regular vinyl hairbrush will roughen the texture of the dolls hair and create frizziness. Also, don't use the wire doll brush on human hair and then on the dolls hair. The oils from…

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